I took it and did the master card and was able to pay my water bill online no problem

I took it and did the master card and was able to pay my water bill online no problem

So I got an email last week saying my payment was ready for a whooping $23, instead of what the first email we recieved said. Then tonight I got another email saying my payment is ready or $135, so I went and did the master card again and was able to pay another bill online tonight with that amount. not sure why I got 2 emails with different amounts since I only had one loan with them and the first email back in April said I would only get $99. Not going to argue with the OK title pawn other payment though.

I got my payment email at 5pm on Saturday. It only gave me a Master Card option. I am not sure the batch who received the emails this weekend did not have choices of other paymens like the people from last week.

I received my final payment for master card option and was able to add the card to my Venmo account. I haven’t used it for payment so I hope it works if I do end up using it for Venmo.

Just got my payment email. My estimate was 292 I got 193. Waiting on MasterCard. Didn’t come instantly, it says 24-48 hours. I’ll let you know.

Got my payment, a whopping $17, even tho I had paid back my loan double what I borrowed, paid off early.

Estimated payment was 498 and received an email today that actual payment is . I opted for the Mastercard option about an hour ago and the website indicates it might take 24-48 hours to receive payment although in “most cases” it arrives instantly. Mine did not come instantly so, I’ll just keep waiting I guess.

I emailed back and asked for a paper check because it was over 1k and I don’t want to shop online for 1k

Also, you can elect the paper payment, but you will have to wait till all the digital payments have gone out.

I went the paper check route

Got my email 10/9 still no money. I wish they would hurry things along. I cant believe they are typing each email desperate for this money.

Got my email on 10/7 money coming soon. Received payment ready yesterday for . Took Mastercard option but web site says 24-48 hours to receive!

I received my payment coming soon 10/4 received digital payment ready today but also said it’s not available for 24-48 hours, I thought it would be instantly. I was debating on going with the paper check option but was afraid it would take a year with how slow their process is. But thankfully I received my emails and payment will come soon. I hope everyone will receive theirs. Good luck to everyone!

Got an email e today. Anyone want to wager on how long that will take? What’s another year right? ??

Hey Edwin, when your digital payment arrives click the accept my payment button and it will bring you to the paywall. Click on the ? in the upper right hand corner and one of the options will read What if I want a paper check? Follow the instructions from there. It also states paper checks can’t be issued until the digital process is completed, which they say will take several weeks.

I just got my payment also. Was supposed to be but received MasterCard was the only option given. Also waiting on payment to arrive. Notification it was on its way was the 10th money arrived this afternoon.

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