How To Delete Broken Registry Items On Windows?

Startup Repair is a useful tool to fix boot issues caused by missing or damaged system files. If this BSOD error was caused by a corrupted or incompatible Windows driver, then WhoCrashed or BlueScreenView will show it to you.

  • Once upon a time, this process was fraught with difficulty and danger; one false move and your photo library could be lost forever.
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  • Click over to the Processes tab and sort the list by Username.

For a day-by-day inventory of these events, type reliability in the search box and then click the top result, View Reliability History. That opens Reliability Monitor, shown in Figure 17-6. If the words Solution Available appear in the Status column for an item, right-click that item and then click View Solution. With the list grouped or not, you can sort by any field by clicking the field’s column heading. To open the Problem Reports log, type problem reports in the search box and then click View All Problem Reports.

The number shown in P7 is the method token, which is the IL representation of your actual method in code. ## date/time timestamp but may still be involved in whatever event the user is trying to find. To demonstrate filtering, perhaps I’m querying for events every so often, and I want to find the ten newest events.

Retrieving Windows Pc Logs Using Windows Event Viewer

Keep a check on the hard drive or SSD SMART information by using third party application software. Finally, you may need to replace your PC’s HDD because it may be faulty. You can remove your HDD, connect it to another PC to access the files and folders on the PC; this will enable you to backup important files for security purposes. If you are done scanning your PC, it is advisable that you remove all the viruses; the option may be clean or delete depending on the Antivirus that you are using. This 0xc0000409 win 10 will definitely solve the pc error code 0146 problem.

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Check hard disk corruption using the command CHKDSK /F command mentioned earlier, answering the prompt messages. Uninstall any new software and reinstall it and update the drivers for it, if necessary. For example, your app is installing; a driver is being loaded, Windows is starting up or shut down simultaneously. There are many causes for the INVALID_DATA_ACCESS_TRAP error. With the utility you can also repair external hard drive Windows 10.

At the search box, if you type reli you’ll usually see an entry that reads “View reliability history” pop up in response. Clicking that will open up the Reliability Monitor window. You can also click the Start button and then the Settings icon and search for reli to get the same menu option, as shown in Figure 1. The built-in Windows 10 Reliability Monitor is an often-overlooked troubleshooting gem. It’s actually a specialized subset of Windows’ longstanding general-purpose Performance Monitor tool (perfmon.exe).

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