Business Consulting
Powering transformation through integrated consulting
Traditional business process reengineering (BPR) is dead. Next generation business process design and re-engineering will be driven by analytics driven process innovation and by using digital capabilities to fundamentally transform business models and processes. Today’s businesses are demanding a blend of strategic consulting, operational consulting and value realization through flawless execution.

As a Digital Transformation partner to clients, EEDA’S services and solutions are led by Business & Technology consulting – seamlessly translating strategies into execution. Our consulting services enable us to blend industry and domain expertise with skills in management consulting, business analytics and digital technologies – to help our clients embrace their new digital customers.

Technology Consulting
adoption of new technology unlocks value
Winners in the digital age are innovating rapidly today – they are creating intelligent products, immersive experiences and intuitive supply chains, while rapidly reinventing internally. These digital leaders of tomorrow are leveraging massive amounts of data, coupled with cutting edge analytics, to lay the foundation of future growth.

Market disruptors, innovators and fast followers need to find new ways to leverage digital technologies – the key is to have an overarching plan for digital engagement to derive maximum value, thereby fast-tracking transformation.

EEDA’S Technology Advisory Consulting helps enterprises tackle the new age challenges of technology-led business model disruption.