800+ Matches. We’ll probably bring banned because of this

800+ Matches. We’ll probably bring banned because of this

I recently embarked on a Tinderventure, when We discovered a large amount about matchmaking mindset, sex roles, and indigenous content marketing. Below outlines how I managed to get over 800 matches, and the thing I learned in the process.

Performed we lead men on? No, certainly not. I’ve got a few great conversations with others i would have if not never ever found.


You will find carried on this test behind-the-scenes since creating this particular article in March. I created TinderHacks 2.0 which has a far more detailed evaluate just what is proven to work on Tinder (finest graphics, communications, responds, and much more).

After reading a€?Made t o adhere’ (aff) I made a decision to experiment with suggested authority. I wanted to really make it see just as if Tinder was endorsing my visibility. I wished it would increase the amount of rely on and credibility, which would cause extra suits.

I came across a font called Rezland that coordinated the branded font pretty well. It is not perfect, however it got near adequate. From the first visualize we published a€?match throughout the day.’ On the other photographs, I authored various expressions that were in-line by what i have noticed are attractive on Tinder.

You can view here that font is not perfect. The a€?d’ isn’t the same during the font we made use of, and the combination on the a€?t’ can be reduced…but I nevertheless experienced it featured close adequate for this research.

Since I had been promoting my self as a€?match during the day,’ i desired to ensure that when people swiped appropriate, we’d feel paired straight away. Because of this…

I began mass-liking people which was advised in my experience because of the pocket-sized matchmaker. Whenever I ran from individuals to swipe, I increasing my distance toward optimum (100 miles). Read More